Online forms for various sectors

More and more online forms are being introduced in various sectors. The advantage of online forms is always a better and faster supply of information within the business processes. Smart online forms are used in, for example, the construction, (manufacturing) industry, service companies, and administration offices for, among other things, checks, inspections, and service requests.

Sometimes these forms are very specific or even unique to an organization, but there are also a large number of generic forms in use.

Why are there different online forms?

Online forms can help in the execution of various business processes. With the digitization of forms, you can automate tasks and actions, and data is collected and stored in a uniform way.

The content of online forms can depend on the sector in which it is used. A construction company naturally has different business processes than a manufacturing company. That is why it is important to be able to create a form in such a way that it fits in with the desired process. However, there are also many examples of online forms that are interchangeable between sectors. Think for example of a timesheet or an incident form.

Why various sectors are switching to digital forms

The reason for switching to digital forms is the same for various sectors. People want to get away from paper flow to optimize the quality and efficiency of business processes. No more mistakes due to illegible handwriting or half-filled forms. Or easy searching in the archive where no duplicate copies can be found. Digitizing business processes saves an enormous amount of time but also speeds up the turnaround times of business processes. Moreover, by deploying smart online forms, you can help employees fill out the form and even have the workflow taken care of automatically.

What sectors are these forms available for?

HeyForm’s online forms are suitable for any sector. Whether you work in construction, industry, or services, every sector needs some form of recording of information and communication within a business process.

Based on our experience, we have a large number of form templates ready in our library. But with our no-code application, you can easily customize them for your organization.

Would you like to create a completely new online form? Of course, you can, with HeyForm you can digitize virtually any business process.

With a short training course, you are on your way to becoming ‘the digital forms expert’ within your organization. And honestly, we are sometimes very proud of our customers, when you see what smart forms they implement in their organization!

Online forms in the service industry

A familiar example of online forms in the service industry is a report form. This could be about broken equipment or a complaint about a service. By building smart features, such a form can go directly to the right employee for processing, but the findings can also be communicated back via an e-mail, including a prepared PDF report.

Getting started with online forms for your industry

Want to start digitizing your forms with HeyForm?

Check out our free templates listed in our template gallery and use them to serve your purpose. You can customize it according to your industry.