Why is a good landing page so important?

Landing pages have been proven to be the tool to

  • reliably generate new leads,
  • traffic, and
  • -most importantly, catapult conversion rates through the roof.

However, the prerequisite for someone to land on your page is that your visitor has clicked on something. This could have been your link in the Instagram bio, for example, or the video in your Facebook ad. So it’s important to follow up on this: what should your reader do now? Should he sign up for your regular newsletter or put himself on the waiting list for your next launch?

Good to know: Sales pages also count as landing pages and, as the name suggests, focus on sales rather than, say, signing up for your latest whitepaper.

Possible goals of landing pages

  • For lead generation
  • Increase sales of a specific product
  • Increase bookings for your service
  • Generate new first calls
  • Increase registrations for your software
  • Increase visitors for your local business etc.

However, one thing should be clear: A landing page is only ever successful if the respective offer is really geared towards your target audience or better yet, your buyer persona. The focus should therefore be on highlighting the uniqueness of your product or service while serving the specific pain points of the addressees. Incidentally, this is also the reason why each landing page should address only one target group at a time. So in case you sell a car, for example, you need to create a separate landing page for business and private customers. You can find more detailed explanations of this in the first two parts of the series.